Active variety: modern summer holidays

A summer vacation in the Oetztal has only one direction, upwards! Whilst the primary focus in winter is to carve or wedel down the perfectly prepared slopes of the Oetztal’s ski resorts, the summer season offers a much larger variety of activities to enjoy the Oetztal and it’s mountains to the full extent.

Mountains as far as the eye can reach offer a rich variety of activities in the water, the air and on land. The Oetztal is Tyrol’s centre for extreme and young sports such as canyoning or rafting. The reason for this can be found in the Oetztaler Ache. A stream that flows wildly in it’s original riverbed and attracts water freaks from near and far. If you need a time-out from extreme water activities, the Piburger See in Oetz is perfect. This mountain lake invites the whole Oetztal to indulge in it’s crystal clear water.

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An absolute must when on summer vacation in the Oetztal are extensive mountain hikes: The Acherkogel and the Wildspitze are amongst the most impressive mountain peaks in Tyrol. But if you get bored by paths and tracks the climbing parks offer a change of scenery. Suitable for beginners as well as advanced climbers, for loners as well as families. Climbing is a fascinating sport that is becoming more and more popular, for a good reason: what feeling could be better than overcoming your own fears and pushing your own limits?


Important: Gruppenhaus Ötztal is very close to the famous Outdoor-centre Area 47

Air and water: refreshingly sunny times ahead

The stunning combination of mountains, clear air and human activities in the Oetztal let a Para-gliders heart soar. You can get the feel of the land below but at the same time feel humbled by the impressiveness of the nature surrounding you. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground you can find a few ups and downs on the various mountain bike trails.

The holiday paradise Oetztal promises it’s guests sunny and fun-packed times. The variety of possibilities make sure that your holidays won’t be a drag, even if it starts to rain. The Aquadome in Längenfeld is a spa with pool and slides that is not dependent on the weather. At the “Oetzi Dorf” in Umhausen visitors of all ages can learn historical details about the world famous inhabitant of the Oetztal, the iceman from the Similaun glacier: Oetzi.

Rafting and canyoning : pure action against the current

Gruppenhaus Oetztal offers canyoning and rafting fun right at it’s doorstep. We cooperate with various rafting companies to assure you will get the best deal. Please inform us about your offers.

Rafting – simply captivating – and everyone is in the same boat

Rafting has long since evolved from a trend sport to one of the major sports for adventure seekers. No wonder, this sport offers everything you can hope to find in an outdoor experience: extreme action in extreme waters! With it’s natural torrents the Oetztal has the ideal prerequisites for rafting. These ideal conditions attract a number of tourists as well as locals every year.

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If you have ever been in a rafting boat you will know that the calm will come to an abrupt end. The overwhelming waves and rapids demand utmost concentration from all participants. There barely is time to indulge in the idyllic beauty of the river banks but on the other hand every rafter experiences the wonders of nature in a very special way: the only thing between you and the elemental force of water is your paddle.

This unique high that only rafters can experience requires professional guidance. For this reason every boat that ventures down the riptides of the Tyrolean torrents is directed by well trained rafting guides. These experience, passionate and designated “mountain-people” with a soft spot for ice-cold refreshment are responsible for the fact that even the most inexperienced participants of an action-packed rafting tour will arrive safe and sound at the end of the rapids.

Out: swimming against the current – In: hiking down the torrent Canyoning is far more than the name suggests! Admittedly the term reminds of leisurely hikes through a gorge but canyoning is mainly about one thing: overcoming your fears and allowing your abilities to rise to the challenge! More than enough extreme action for the fearless or those who are hoping to become that way can be found by every adrenaline junkie in the Tyrolean Oberland and especially in the versatile Oetztal. It is not surprising that this region has developed into a true Mecca for extreme sports athletes over the past years and decades.

But canyoning is extreme in more than one way: experience a sense of freedom that exceeds your personal boundaries as well as perfect teamwork that allows you to push the envelope. Those are the ingredients which turn canyoning into way more than just hiking through a gorge!


There are several ski areas in the neighborhood. You will have a great time.

Winterparadise Ötztal

The ski bus to Oetz, which is the main starting point for the ski resort Oetztal, leaves close to the house. Various resorts are at close hand: Oetz, Soelden, Hochgurgl, Kuehtai, Pitztal and Imst!

A unique sports eldorado

The Oetztal has an international reputation especially with sports enthusiasts. A trip to the stunning Tyrolean mountains is an absolute must. Innovations in the past years have boosted summer tourism in the region but the main season remains winter. The ski-resorts in the Oetztal, with their perfectly prepared slopes and efficient ski lifts are amongst the oldest in Tyrol.

Soelden, Ober- and Hochgurgl as well as Oetz, which is the valley’s main village, are in themselves already an eldorado for winter sports enthusiasts. Together they guarantee hours of fun on the slopes, for beginners and enthusiastic advanced skiers alike. Party animals are well advised to spend their holidays in Soelden, the Après-Ski Mecca in the Oetztal; fun guaranteed!


Comfort amongst the snow covered mountains

In addition to action and fun, spas play a big role in the Oetztal. Since 2004 the Aquadome in Längenfeld is a major attraction for spa-friends. Relaxing recreation in a laid-back atmosphere gives every visit to the Oetztal a very special flair. Long lasting well-being for body, mind and soul perfects each winter holiday and incidentally strengthens the body’s defences. Consequently nothing stands in the way of action-packed ski-holidays in the midst of the fascinating Tyrolean Alps.

A clear view of hidden scenic beauties and smooth motion sequences are a further possibility of pampering guests in the Oetztal. Guided snowshoe hikes let you explore the beauty of the snowy Oetztal Alps in a unique and very impressing manner.